Reality Check

Reports of successful attacks on Smartcard based technology illustrate that "true two-factor authentication is not possible without a physical component that is not accessible digitally." more

3AKEY is designed to overcome this limitation and provides the ultimate two-factor authentication so desperately needed and much more. more

Malware Worry?

A new banking Trojan called Neloweg has been found actively targeting banking sites in the UK and Europe. This Zeus like Trojan is more stealthy as it drills into browsers, performs real time attacks and can re-install itself. The internet community is grateful that this Trojan was found and that there is a tool is available to remove it.

However, statistics have suggested that the threat remain as Trojan detection rate slow and low. What can we do to better protect our online transactions? A quick way is to read through articles on this site.Then consider a complementary FrontOne security consultation.

What is 3AKEY?

Simply put, a 3AKEY is a next-generation hardware security device. It is designed to help all users achieve a higher level of digital security simply and easily. A 3AKEY is one component that can be used with applications designed to protect digital assets, transactions and identity.  It is an end point in a state-of-the-art closed loop security solution that leaves a would be "Man In The Browser" (MIB) and "Man In The Middle" (MITM)...a "Man Out In The Cold!" (MOITC).

How to Use 3AKey?

If you have installed our 3AKEY browser extension, all you need to do is follow:

  1. Insert 3AKEY;
  2. Browse the internet as normal, check your 3AKey display if prompted;
  3. Press button at 3AKEY only if you are agreed to proceed.

What is UAS?

UAS stands for Unified Authentication Service. It is a Security as a Service offering from FrontOne. UAS is ideal for any application that a high level of security, integrity and/or privacy are critical to its success.


Mobile Ready

mobile readyThis is a responsive web design. The website can be easily read from your smartphone or tablet.

Idea to Solution

When will an application be secure?

The time comes when security perquisites are finally taken out and the application is no longer depending on any third parties for security or protections.

FrontOne's latest digital security and privacy solutions are designed to provide end-to-end secure transactions without any additional security layers.