IAM as a Service

IAM - Identity and Access Management are the foundation of all information services. It connects users to information based on a set of digital privileges/rights policies. IAM systems collect, process and store personally identifiable information. This is necessary to provide Authentication, Authorization and Administration capability to support many structured and unstructured applications.

Threats in the Cloud

Unlike enterprise computing which provides a relatively secure environment for applications and data transactions, computing in the cloud changes everything. Personally identifiable information used by IAM services is a valuable commodity, attracting cyber criminals like flies to honey. Reports of security breaches and identity fraud abound. Enterprise cloud computing solutions are vulnerable and must incorporate special measures to protect all of the personally identifiable information collected, stored or disseminated.

While many cloud service providers are taking action to protect stored data, personally identifiable information remains vulnerable, particularly in the area of information gathering and sharing. Innovation is required to meet these cloud security and privacy challenges.

Secure IAM as a Service

Reduce the availability of data and the risk of theft is reduced as well. This is achieved by eliminating all unnecessary data collection and storage by adopting new and innovative technology – Privacy Preserving Identification. Our Unified Authentication Service and 3AKEY combine to deliver a total end to end security solution that is unrivaled in the market.   With FrontOne as the foundation ofis in a very strong position to provide the foundation for a cloud based IAM service that is not only cost effective but also secure. Using FrontOne as the foundation for a cloud based IAM service implementation is surprisingly cost effective. FrontOne offers the ultimate cloud security protection.

Secure IAM as a Service bridges the gap for security and privacy by  providing the connectivity to ease the integration of enterprise cloud applications.

By leveraging the unique capabilities of the 3AKEY, FrontOne's secure IAM service reduces the total cost of ownership while safeguarding identity and maintaining compliance. The 3AKEY provides unique, privacy preserving identification that reduces the dependency on personally identifiable information, lower the attacking surface and reducing the risks associated with security breaches. FrontOne’s security solution provides our clients users with dynamic, non-transferrable credentials with continuous mutual authentication.