User Session Management

Giving users access to information upon demand seems straight forward, yet is an enormous task in practice.  IT managers struggle to provide security without compromising efficiency.  A large percentage of user breaches involve user impersonation. Session hijacking and making use of stolen identities are preferred tools of the criminal trade.   Assuming that the risk of identity theft can be contained through the use of strong authentication, the risks associated with session hijacking remain. A system becomes more vulnerable as the number of active users increase.

Reduce the number of active connections to a system and reduce risk. In some circumstances, users will be automatically logged out after a period of inactivity.  This often comes at a cost of lost productivity, not to mention user inconvenience.  In some cases, there are greater consequences to consider such as a medical professional requiring instant access to critical patient information.  With respect to plugging holes in security, depending upon users to log off is unrealistic, particularly as a user base grows.  Education is not the solution as long as there is a human element present.  For example, people get distracted, are called away for an emergency or simply forget.  No amount of training will be sufficient to plug this fundamental weakness. A practical solution may be found in emerging new technology.

How the products and service that FrontOne offers can may the difference?

Reducing the risk of security breaches in EHR or other critical IT systems is a mandated goal. However, it is an extremely difficult task because there are inherent weaknesses in system architecture, processes and procedures, multiplied by human errors.

The key to reducing data loss and theft is to reduce the amount of data and shorten the time that it is accessible.
Our solution changes the method of how a user is authenticated and served:

  1. User is authenticated with a 3AKEY;
  2. Only specific data that the user has explicitly requested is made available;
  3. The  requested data is only served to a user upon valid authentication.

We change the game, as it is presently known, and  move away from user state management (Logged-in/Logged-out).   We serve the user with the data requested after each successful authentication - continuous mutual authentication.
Continuous mutual authentication removes the risk of session hijacking and identity theft. Our solution will greatly reduce human errors and mitigate the risk of security breaches making EHR systems considerably less vulnerable to threats and inherently more secure.

Why FrontOne?

Continuous Mutual Authentication is powered with our unique patented technology. In other words: You can’t find this anywhere else. Our stand-alone end-to-end solution is platform independent and available for immediate deployment.  We are incredibly nimble and cost effective.

Most implementations can be fully customized, installed and live in a matter of days or weeks depending upon the scope of the project.Contact FrontOne for more details.